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Security Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control company. Our office is open from 8:00 to 10:00 PM daily. Our licensed pest control exterminators are highly trained in the elimination of all types of pests. Or exterminators average over 12 years experience. The most common pest control we perform in the Abington Ma area is for mice control, bat control, squirrel removal, ant pest control, termite control and more.


Safe and Effective Methods

At Security Pest Control we take your family’s and your pet’s health very seriously. Our pest control technicians use safe effective low-impact, child friendly pest control methods together with non-chemical and exclusion methods, as applicable. In addition to our individual pest specific treatments we can provide long term protection for to your Abington home for a wider range of pets with our semi-annual Residential Maintenance Program.


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Our Pest Control Services in Abington, Massachusetts


  • Mice & Rodent Pest Control: No one wants a disease carrying mouse or rat scurrying around their Abington MA home and living in their walls. They can cause structural damage, contaminate food and water, spread rat bite fever, and they are even known to be the culprit behind numerous structural fires (from chewing electrical wires).


  • Carpenter Ant Pest Control$25 Off  A Carpenter Ant Elimination Treatment this Spring
    These black ants cause even more damage than termites and need quick eradication to prevent further damage to a wooden structure, like our Abington Ma homes. Carpenter ants are especially attracted to areas of damp and water damaged wood. This could be inside your walls under a leaking window sill, behind the exterior siding or anywhere on your home where there is leaking flashing. Carpenter ant treatments are the most common pest control services we perform in Abington Ma. Our pest control exterminators use an safe odorless, low toxicity treatment that the ants will track back to their hidden colonies. This treatment will quickly eliminate your home of these damaging pests.


  • Termite Pest Control$50 Off  A Termite Elimination Treatment this Spring
    We specialize in fast and low toxicity termite elimination treatments. Security Pest Control’s termite control technicians can eliminate a termite infestation from your home as quickly as in a few weeks. Termites are a very common pest in Abington MA. During spring time, you may notice small to large swarms of small winged insects inside your basement or outside your house. These termite swarmers are being pushed out from the ground from established termite colonies in your yard or under your house. The purpose of the reproductive swarmers is to spread out the growing colony and get established in new areas. If you see termite swarmers you will need a termite pest inspection of your home. A termite inspection is a must to determine the extent of the termite damage to your home.


  • Wasp and Bee Pest Control: Carpenter bees and yellow jackets are the most common bees we perform pest control services for in Abington Ma. The carpenter bees can be seen hovering up around your upper roofline on sunny spring and early summer days. They drill 1/2 inch tunnels into the upper wood trim and live and reproduce inside these tunnels. If untreated woodpeckers will eventually notice them and start pecking holes into your house trying to locate them. Carpenter bees might do a lot of damage, but yellow jackets are the number one stinging insect we perform pest control services for in Abington Ma. They build paper hives under your overhangs, behind shutters, inside your walls, inside your shrubs and inside rodent burrows in the ground. They cause the most causes of emergency room visits for allergic reactions than any other stinging bee or wasp.


  • Bat Removal: Big brown and little brown bats are frequently found in attics in Abington MA. They can get in through very small openings in dormers, under trim boards and through vents. We perform exclusions for bat removal. Our bat control specialists will seal up all roof openings and then force the bats to exit your house through one-way bat exit doors. This is the quickest most efficient way to rid bats from your house.


  • Squirrel Removal: The most common animal control problem we deal with in Abington Ma is with squirrel control. Stealing seed from the numerous bird feeders available has helped their populations to increase. Squirrel removal from attics is the most requested squirrel control service. Even flying squirrels have been found in Abington MA. Security Pest Control exterminators working in Abington MA are experts in all types of squirrel removal situations and can quickly solve any squirrel problem.


  • Bed Bug Pest Control: Bed bug elimination is the most difficult pest control extermination we perform. Only a skilled and experienced pest control technician can find and completely eliminate a bed bug infestation from your Abington Ma home. Bed bug treatments need two scheduled treatments for us to eliminate this major pest. Bed bug aren’t just found in urban areas. We perform many bed bug pest control treatments in Abington Ma every month. People who travel a lot have a greater chance of picking them up in their suitcases from motel and hotel rooms and bringing them home.


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