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Eastern Grey Squirrel



We specialize in removing problem squirrels from your residence. We regularly perform squirrel removal to difficult to access areas such as: inaccessible attics, eaves, cathedral ceilings and crawlspaces.

* We’re State Licensed Problem Animal Control Agents – PAC Certified Squirrel Removal
* We Offer Extended Warranties Against Gray Squirrel & Flying Squirrel Re-Entry


Squirrel Removal in Attleboro MA

Squirrel removal from the attic or eaves is the most common squirrel removal we do. Attics are ideal places for mother squirrels to make their nests, they’ll also nest in the cavities in your home’s walls. These cavities are accessed by the squirrels through the top of the wall openings in your attic. Squirrels will enter your home through existing holes or chew their way in through vents, soffits, gables or other wood damaged areas. The main problem with squirrels living in your Attleboro MA home is the damage they cause. Noise from grey squirrels is most noticeable very early in the morning and again later in the day.

Squirrels in the Attic



Grey Squirrels Nesting Inside Attic



How We Get Rid of Squirrels


  • SQUIRREL EXCLUSIONS – To exclude grey squirrels or red squirrels from your Attleboro MA home, we like to use one-way squirrel doors, whenever possible. This involves finding all the possible squirrel entry and exit holes the squirrels are using to gain access to your home. Then, we seal-up the openings they are not using and install one-way squirrel doors to the openings they are currently using. These temporary squirrel doors allow the squirrels to exit your home, but they can’t return. After the squirrels have all exited your home, we’ll return and remove the squirrel doors and do the final sealing-up. The final sealing-up should be done as quickly as possible to prevent new neighborhood squirrels from re-infesting your home. Note: Using one-way squirrel doors is considered the best way to get rid of squirrels and eliminate an ongoing squirrel problem. This is our preferred method of squirrel removal, it’s faster than trapping and costs the customer less.
  • SQUIRREL TRAPPING – When installation of one-way squirrel doors is not possible, we will live trap the gray squirrels and remove them. After the squirrel problem is solved, we will seal-up the holes the squirrels chewed to gain access to your home. We also perform wildlife removal in Attleboro MA for other problem animals such as; Flying Squirrels, Woodchuck Removal, Raccoon Trapping, Opossum Trapping and Groundhog Removal.


Signs You Need Squirrel Control in Your Attleboro Home

Hearing loud scratching sounds or something running above the ceiling are usually the 1st signs that you have a squirrel control problem. Our Attleboro MA customers with a squirrel problem will typically here grey squirrels making these sounds around sunrise and again just before dark when they return. Grey squirrels are the most common squirrels we see outside in our yards in Attleboro MA. They come out early in the morning and are active throughout the day. Since they weigh up to a couple pounds their chewing and scratching sounds will be much louder than a small rodent like a mouse could make. When heard running across an overhead ceiling you will know it’s from a larger animal. Grey squirrels are very destructive. They can chew large holes through your exterior vents and soffits and often chew through electrical wiring insulation.


Grey Squirrel Droppings



Flying Squirrel Droppings

Common Signs of Squirrel Activity in Your Home

  • Chewed wiring in attic and wall voids
  • Damage to vent louvers and vent screening
  • Bad odor from feces and urine-soaked insulation
  • Soffit, gable & roof damage from squirrel chewing
  • Stains on ceilings from squirrel urine
  • Feces and urine deposits



Flying Squirrel Control – Flying Squirrels in Your Attic

Flying squirrels getting into attics is a frequent pest problem for Attleboro MA residents. Flying squirrels look a lot like baby grey squirrels. The most noticeable differences is the webbing between their legs and body and the fur on the tail is more flattened instead of round and fluffy like on the much larger grey squirrel. Unlike grey squirrels, flying squirrels sleep during the day and are active at night. They can get into very small roof openings. They also tend to travel in groups. Like grey squirrels they like to chew on many items. Flying squirrels may sound like mice in your walls or you may here them moving around at night above your bedroom ceilings. They can access your roof by jumping off tall trees and landing on your roof. Our pest control technicians in Attleboro MA have many years of experience at removal of flying squirrels from your attics.


Grey Squirrels are Excellent Jumpers


Grey squirrel jumping from tree


Grey squirrels can easily jump from tree branches to our homes. They have been know to jump more than 10 feet across. They can even cover more distance if they are jumping down to a lower object. They are great climbers. They can run up along a drain pipe from the ground to the roofline in just a couple seconds.


Squirrels & Bears in Your Bird Feeders



Squirrel Damage to our Homes



Squirrel Damage to Attic Vent Louvers


Why Squirrels Chew Wires

Squirrels like to chew on various edible and inedible objects. This characteristic aids in maintaining sharp teeth and because their teeth grow continuously ( 6 inches per year ), prevents over-growth. They will chew on just about anything.


Damage to wires in attic from squirrel gnawing


Squirrel Habits and Info

A squirrel is in the family Sciuridae. This family also includes ground squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks and woodchucks, but grey squirrels are the most common type requiring professional squirrel removal services for Attleboro MA residents. Grey squirrels love to live in attics. Attics are warmer, drier and safer from predators than outside tree nests. Since they are incontinent – they will just urinate and defecate all over the attic and wall voids. Grey squirrels leave behind large raisin sized droppings all over the place and urine stained, ripped and matted down insulation that smells of urine.


These are both grey squirrels The black color is just a seasonal change that occurs in some grey squirrels.



Squirrel Control Techniques That Fall Short:

Squirrel control using urine in the attic – Squirrel Control by means of wolf urine, coyote urine, fox urine, or scents? Will these so-called squirrel repellents; get rid of squirrels in the attic? We’ve tried most of them. The squirrels either ignored the foul smell or sometimes just moved to another area in the house.

Squirrel control using sound – Playing a radio in he attic will at best only get rid of squirrels in the attic for a day or two, but that’s about it. They simply get used to it, just like people get used to sleeping with a radio on.

Squirrel control using moth balls – Using toxic moth balls inside your house for squirrel control is illegal and toxic to humans & pets. Squirrel control using this squirrel control technique fails because the squirrels usually just move their nest to another part of your house, like an isolated wall void or between your floors.

Squirrel Control using ultrasonic repellent devices – Pests may initially move away from the device, but research shows that the pests return and become habituated (get used to the sound). Research shows that the repelling effect lasts for 1-3 days, but 4-8 days later they get used to the noise and continue living in your home. There is scientific evidence that some of these devices can cause hearing loss in animals, especially dogs.


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